Tuesday, 21 June 2016

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Hey there! I finished my second year three weeks ago and recently I have been reflecting about it. I wrote a university survival guide at the end of my first year so I thought I would do the same kind of thing for this year but a mixture of reflection and advice.

I'm not going to lie, second year is hard. Lectures start early, more is expected from you and the year counts towards your degree! First years get it easy especially at my university as the halls are on campus so anyone who is living in halls only has five minutes to walk to lectures and they don't usually start till around eleven. In second year, however, everyone lives off campus and lectures start at 9 which is a big shock to the system especially for those who lived on campus in first year. If you didn't make that much an effort in first year, you really need to work harder this year as lik I said it actually counts towards your degree and more is expected of you so they notice if you aren't doing what you should be.

I found second year quite difficult as I had a lot going on personally and a lot of work to do on top. It was hard with having to do group work with 'friends' that I had problems with. I'm not going to lie, group work is hard and horrible especially when the people you are working with are constantly dragging their feet and then decide to phase you out like you don't exist. This was the biggest lesson for me was that I should stand my ground with people even if I have to be argumentative for them to listen to my ideas and they decide they don't like me and phase me out. Another thing that can make second year difficult is the slight change in assignments. Again, because more is expected you the assignments are a little bit harder. This year I did an extra exam that I didn't have last year, a government report, a group poster, a leaflet with an information brief, and a seminar report. These are just the types of assignments I didn't have last year. On top I had three research reports, two exams, an essay, a portfolio, a placement portfolio and a placement report. It can be hard when you have to do assignments that you haven't done before and it can cause stress but at the same time you get the support and if you don't understand something you can just ask.

Another hard thing about second year is the prospect of third year. Obviously you always know that third year will happen but when you get to second year it's a lot more real. You have to think about and actually decide what modules you want to do for third year and submit a dissertation proposal. This is another reason why you need to up your game in second year. If you don't know what you are doing by the end of your second year there probably isn't much hope for third year, particularly if you haven't put effort into research related assignments as your dissertation requires you to work on your own doing a lot of research. Also, you don't want to get to the deadline for your proposal having not even realised its due never mind have no idea of what you will actually do it on.

However, things did get better for me towards the end of second year. I passed three modules with an overall first and the rest with 2.1s and a 2.2. I will also be women's officer at uni next year! I still can't believe it if I'm being honest. It came about as when the elections for SU officers happened the first time nobody ran for the role and some other roles so nominations had to be reopened. I saw it at the time and was like yeah I might run for that role and when the nominations got reopened I actually did put myself forward. I was surprised I got the role as I ran against two other people so I was convinced one of them would get it and yet I got it! I really wanted this role because I actually want to help people as well as making the most of my final year of uni.

Yeah second year is harder but it is more exciting and rewarding. What is important is to make the most of your time at university so make the most of the opportunities you have and put yourself before anyone else. If you have anything to share about your experiences feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X



  1. Love this and related to a lot of it- 2nd year was quite a strange year cause I feel like you're still kind of settling in and getting your bearings. I agree so much about group work- it can be so frustrating! Well done on your results- thats amazing! Good luck for third year!! It was definitely my favourite year- I enjoyed my course the most and felt more comfortable at uni- I hope you enjoy it! :) xx

    Katie | http://kaleidoscopepeonies.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks! I am super excited about my third year


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