Friday, 24 June 2016

Lifestyle | 2016 goals update

Hey there! At the start of this year I set myself some goals that I wanted to achieve this year. I set my self some general goals and some blogging goals and I thought as we are half way through the year (where has this year gone??!!) I would just give an update as to how they are going.

Achieved goals

So I actually have achieved some of my goals for this year already. One of my goals was to work hard at university and I have come out with three firsts, two 2.1s and a 2.2 this year. Another goal was to get back into reading which I have done mostly, occasionally I fall out of the habit of reading like recently I have spent a month reading one book but I have read more in the last six months than I have in a while. Another was to work hard to maintain my blog which I feel I have done in the last six months. In terms of my blogging goals I wanted toWrite from the heart; Have a realistic schedule; Be more social media savvy; and Try and plan posts. In terms of these goals I feel I have achieved all of them. Originally my schedule was one post a week but I have managed to get myself organised enough to up my schedule to two posts a week again. I have definitely started writing more from the heart as my posts are a lot more meaningful to me and are what I want to write. I have also become more social media savvy as I have started to schedule tweets using buffer so I am able to promote my blog more. I also plan posts better as I write posts a couple of days in advance and am able to schedule them rather than having to worry about posting them on specific days.

Goals I am working on

There are only a couple of goals I am still working on to achieve this year. One goal I am still working on is to be more social. I find this one hard as I don't have that many people I can be social with but I feel like I can achieve this one as I am going to Women's Officer in September so I want to use this to my advantage to be more social. Another goal I am still working on is to be more positive. I have tried so hard to achieve this goal but I think it is just in my nature to be a pessimist. However, this is not to say I am giving up on this goal, it's just harder than you think.

New goals

So as I have already completed my blogging goals for this year so I thought I would set myself some mid year goals that I feel I can achieve in the next six months. One of my goals is to get up to 5,000 blog views. As I am writing this (which is the 22nd June) I am at 2,632 views which is actually quite a lot for my blog! If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen how excited I actually got about reaching 2,000 views. Due to this massive jump in views I am pretty confident that I could reach 5,000 in six months or at least come close. Another goal I want to try and achieve by the end of the year is to get 50 followers on bloglovin. It may not seem like a lot but at the moment I only have around 20 so I feel this is as realistic as this goal is going to be but who knows!

If you have got this far I apologise it's such a long post. If you have any goals you have achieved or are trying to achieve this year, feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X



  1. Well done for reaching so many goals, that's amazing! Maintaining a blog is hard work, especially when we're working or studying at the same time so that's really impressive! When I read about your social media goals and scheduling tweets I was like 'oh sh** I knew I was forgetting something' but well, scheduling tweets will have to wait until tomorrow haha. xx

    1. Thank you! It has been really hard work but I am definitely working hard especially when it comes to my blog.


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